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The new Houseboats

The next step in Houseboats

Sustainable, Eco, Climate, terms that determine everyday life and terms that are at the top of TMBoats' list in developing and realising the next step in Houseboats.

Our Houseboats come equipped as standard with a substantial insulation package, optional solar panels, wooden windows with triple glazing and roof coverings with white slate. Sustainable, Eco and Climate go hand in hand with comfort, health and well-being, as the insulation package and triple glazing save energy, some of which comes from the sun, and thus also provide a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. The white slate roofing ensures that it stays up to 4 degrees cooler in the boat during the summer months. The layout of our Houseboats is also unique, with a separate toilet and spacious bedrooms, a spacious bathroom, a technical room that is accessible from the outside, a private entrance (not through a bedroom) and plenty of daylight through the large windows.


Our standard

  • Maintenance free full foamed polyethylene floats

  • Trimaran undercarriage for better stability

  • Heavy galvanized steel frame with rubber bumper

  • High-quality insulation in floors and walls

  • Hardwood window frames with HR++++ triple glazing

  • Red cedar Rhombus facade cladding

  • Stone water hammering

  • Front and rear terrace made from extra wide composite platform parts

  • Bituminous 2-layer roofing with white slate (4 degrees cooler in summer)

  • Steel railing black powder coated

  • Fixed shore connection

  • Optional: Solar panels with batteries and inverter

  • Full electrical installation, water installation and lighting

  • 500 litre fresh water tank and 500 litre waste water tank

  • Mechanical ventilation

  • Complete luxury and spacious bathroom and a separate and spacious toilet.

  • Complete luxury kitchen with appliances

  • Beams ceiling painted in matt white Ral 9010

  • Inner walls of glass fabric with waffle structure in Ral 9010

  • Floor finish laminated parquet with underfloor heating

  • Luxuriously upholstered steering console in the living room

  • CE-D approved

  • Up to 6 years warranty on the main supporting structure, the roof and the glazing.

  • Built with passion in the Netherlands

  • Delivered ready to use.

Op zoek naar ligplaatsen?
Permanente bewoning is nu mogelijk in Lelystad Haven.
Daarnaast hebben wij nog vele jachthavens waar ligplaatsen beschikbaar zijn voor recreactie.
Vraag ons naar de mogelijkheden.
More than just a houseboat

Sustainability is a broad concept. What makes our houseboats sustainable is our use of sustainable, recyclable materials. For example, the wood used for our boats is FSC or PEFC certified, which means that our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and that the ecological and social functions that the forest fulfils, now and in the future, are taken into account. The insulation we use is provided with the Dubo quality mark, with which the product distinguishes itself in terms of sustainability. In order to obtain this quality mark, the environmental impact during the life cycle of the product is taken into account in relation to similar products, only the most environmentally friendly products are awarded a quality mark. In addition to quality marks, we have deliberately chosen recyclable products, such as wood, glass, bitumen, metal and plastic parts, which are easily recyclable, so that there is virtually no waste at the end of the product's life. The insulation package and triple glazing mean that little energy is needed to maintain a pleasant climate during the colder days, and this energy is partly gained through the use of solar panels. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your own pockets.

Sustainability doesn’t stop at the first four letters

- Ruud Koornstra -

Optional packages


Cruising package: 

Camera system

Honda BF60 outboard engine

Vetus Bow Thruster

Fly by wire control

50 litre fuel tank


Cruising package: 

Camera system

2x Honda BF60 outboard engine

Vetus Bow Thruster

Joystick control

2x 50 litre fuel tank


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